Decolonizing Education Publishing™ aims to produce literary work that is deliberate in centering black and brown experiences, narratives, history and cultural contributions. Each book in their collection has an intentional focus on the true beauty and dignity of the diasporic community as a whole. Decolonizing Ed. believes every story or activity that children experience should serve to build and further their self-identity and PRIDE in who they are.

Decolonizing Education Publishing is a collaboration between the founders of Culturally Responsive Education of the African Diaspora (CREAD) and My Reflections Matters (MRM).

Culturally Responsive Educators of the African Diaspora Mission:
To support teachers, educators and community members in ensuring the positive racial identity development through education of young people of the African Diaspora and strengthen our children and community with PRIDE based on the Sankofa principle.

My Reflections Matters Mission:
MRM’s mission is to provide the tools necessary to support and nurture the development of healthy racial and cultural identities of Black and Brown children and older youth.  It is our hope that through the thoughtful use of the resources shared on MRM, this engagement will foster self-worth in youth, a love for humanity, and develop in them the ability to think critically about the injustices they and others experience empowering them to combat internalized and institutional racism and oppression in American society and around the world.

DeColonizing Education Publishing Team

khalilah S. Khalilah Brann received her Masters of Education in Secondary English and her Masters of Educational Leadership from Long Island University. She is the co-founder of Decolonizing Education Publishing and Founder of CREADnyc.com: Culturally Responsive Educators of the African Diaspora with the mission of supporting teachers, educators and community members in ensuring the positive racial identity development through education of young people of the Diaspora.

She spent a decade as an educator in the NYC Dept of Ed as an English and History teacher. Khalilah believes that in order to ensure that diverse students receive the education that they are entitled to and are able to function fully in this ever changing, ever growing global world, we must use the principles of critical pedagogy and critical race theory, culturally responsive and relevant education and education for liberation ideology so that we can decolonize our educational system, decenter whiteness and develop and sustain equitable practices, policies and beliefs for the classroom, school building and beyond.

Khalilah is as authentic as it get’s bringing her unapologetic Blackness and PRIDE for the diaspora to every space she sets foot in. A daughter of the Caribbean Island Antigua, a child of the Bronx, a writer, a lover of her people. She’s an educator, curriculum developer, consultant, coach, a self proclaimed Cultural Ambassador, Researcher and Producer. She is dedicated to eradicating the ways that race, power, privilege and gender negatively affects the lives of people of the Diaspora. She lives by the Kenyan proverb, If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

chemayChemay Morales-James is co-founder of Decolonizing Education Publishing. She is a Nuyorican, by birth, raised in Connecticut by her Puerto Rican born parents, Maybeth and Jose Morales. Chemay is a #WokeMami who loves spending time with her two sons. While still new to parenting, Chemay is a lifelong educator who has taught both middle and high school prior to spending close to a decade working at NYU as a social justice coach for teachers and school leaders.

As a highly involved parent and advocate for Black and Brown youth, Chemay founded My Reflection Matters (MRM) in 2016, an online organization that curates educational resources and products that affirm the identities of Black and Brown youth. In August 2017, MRM launched their first line of Black to School Products, which you can purchase directly from their site. In addition to providing this resource to local and abroad communities, Chemay offers consulting services for organizations looking for support around cultivating environments that nurture the development of healthy racial identities of kids of color.

Chemay keeps her instructional skills sharp by continuing to teach at the collegiate level as well as unschooling her 3 and 5 year old boys. She is involved in her local and state community through her membership on Waterbury’s Equity Matterz work group, the Waterbury LGBTQ Task Force, and the CT Commissioner’s Round Table for Family & Community Engagement.

Chemay has a Masters in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.