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We are excited to introduce our first line of posters from our new book The ABCs of the Black Panther Party. These posters are visual reminders of the rich legacy of the Black Panthers: perfect for the bedroom, storehouse, classroom and playroom.

Size: 11X17 watercolor poster


Letter Y:

The Young Lords Organization began in the north side of Chicago in 1968, by a group of socially conscious Puerto Rican activists, who were fighting against urban renewal policies that displaced Puerto Rican residents. Led by Jose (Cha Cha) Jimenez, The Young Lords formed an integral part of the Chicago Rainbow Coalition. In 1969 in New York, the 2nd Young Lords Chapter was formed by Puerto Rican student activists. The group set forth with direct action campaigns against the government to improve the lives of Puerto Ricans and Blacks in the city.

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